Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Camels Of Venice!

The best surprises happened today. First, my hibiscus flower, Sahara Wind, rarely blooms but this morning she burst out into all her glory. I may be easily entertained, but this is exciting to me every time.

THEN, yesterday I saw that my friend, Robin Murez (of Venice Public Art fame), was out and about with her wire sculpture of the Venice camel (and friends), looking for a place to install it. The piece is in tribute to the camels that used to give people rides around town back in Abbot Kinney's heyday (circa 1905), both honoring our past and making our present more fun.

Murez asked me if I had any ideas about good spots to house this camel family, but I hadn't yet gotten back to her. I got out of the shower, walked to my closet, glanced out the window only to see the camel family was right there in front of my house! How did she know where I lived, she's never even been over? It was the most fun surprise, and already there were people stopping to take photos and glancing around wondering what this was and why it was here. Well, here you go!

I smiled all the way to the French Market, wondering seriously how Robin knew to put the camel there. I came back and rounded the corner to see Murez there with her crew, already relocating the camels to a new spot. You never know where they'll show up next! It turns out Murez had no idea where I lived, and it was total coincidence, which makes it way even better. It was nice to talk to Murez in person about the work, because when you speak directly to the artist, sometimes you learn things about the work that you might not even see on your own ... like the heart inside the beast. Another good lesson - always look within.

Murez told me that they are in need of a home, so if anyone wants in instant attraction with historical significance, you're all set. Contact Robin at www.Venicepublicart.com and adopt a camel family! Be a part of this wonderful public art movement that embodies Venice in every way.

Camels on the sidewalk! It's gonna be a great day.

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