Friday, September 25, 2015

Deap Vally At Lone Wolfs

Earlier this year I went out to Pappy & Harriet's to witness the reunion of my Minneapolis ladies, Babes In Toyland. It was, of course, awesome. The worst L.A. traffic ever found us arriving just as Babes was blazing through their first song, totally missing the openers, Deap Vally. All night we kept hearing how good they were, so I was disappointed to have missed them.

That all got fixed last night when I got the invite from RTO+P and Wolf At The Door to come and see Deap Vally play in the parking lot at the Lone Wolfs Objets d'Surf shop on Lincoln.

It's a gorgeous shop, and the Wolf At The Door recording studio lives downstairs in the former pool area of the PADI dive shop. The whole place just feels cool, and very Venice creative. I love it.

The gals of Deap Vally took the stage, and pretty much as soon as they blasted out the first notes, traffic got even worse on Lincoln, as cars slowed down to see what in the world was going on next to the Thai restaurant. And what was going on was pure rock.

Lindsey Troy belted out her vocals with sheer force, perfectly matched by Julie Edwards' banging drum beats, and both of them had on the freshest unitards, star spangled, fringed and shiny. Jealous.

Venice locals were out in force, enjoying a Little Friday (Thursday) and getting sauced (courtesy of Reyka Vodka) in a parking lot in a bit of practice for this Sunday's Abbot Kinney Festival.

In between songs, Edwards commented, "This is my next to last show before a baby comes out of my body!" - and I liked them even more. Rocking moms!

Some guys circle danced around in front of the stage and it all amped up from there ... and then we remembered we still had to go to work today. Oof.

The bottom line is Deap Vally is awesome, Lone Wolfs is super cool (more on them soon), and Venice remains the place to be surprised by a rock show when you're just out walking your dog, as happened with some friends of mine that randomly showed up. Excellent.

Thank you to everyone involved for another exceptional evening in Venice, California.

As we head off into the sure to be memorable weekend ... remember this truth from the Lone Wolf bathroom ...

You really do.

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