Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Venice - A Great Place To Come Home To

I just got back from a whole bunch of adventures on the road ... Home to Minnesota, the MONSTER EPIC Lollapalooza, and going along on the road with the Jane's Addiction's Summer Tour. If you've read any of my stories while I was away, you know that it might be a drag to come back.  But not if you live in Venice.

My first stop was to baptize myself in the waters of Ocean Pacific off of Playa de Los Amigos. I swam all the way out to the red flags by the end of the Venice Pier, and then just floated there to soak up how absolutely beautiful it is, and how warm the water got while I was away!

Then, smack in the middle of Shark Week, I walked by an old man who just caught a baby leopard shark with his fishing pole right from the shore! (A great white shark was also spotted off of Venice - I saw and learned all of this AFTER my swim. I remain undaunted.) After being a bit of a tourist myself out there in the American summer, it was much easier to appreciate the gorgeous place I live, the perfect weather and sea breeze, and the tourists that want to visit here. An young Australian boy swam out to the flag with me, and I asked him if he liked living here after moving from so far away. He answered, "It's the best place in the world, in my opinion." Looking around at all the sunshine and blue skies and friendly faces waving and welcoming me back, it was hard to disagree.

Thanks, Venice, for making it so easy (excited even!) to come home after such a whirlwind of rock and roll fun. Ahhhhhh.

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