Monday, May 10, 2010

Purple Haze!

For anyone who thinks there aren't seasons in California ... behold the Jacaranda!

The sultry purple tree blooms at this time each year, joyously announcing SPRING!! The blooms last for a few weeks, reminding me of the beautiful lilacs that grew in my childhood backyard in Minnesota. They brighten up any street they're on (you just don't want to park under them. The blooms are a sticky mess to get off), and the season is NOW.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the trees burst open every year at the same time that the Los Angeles Lakers are ruling their way through the NBA Playoffs ... nature's homage to the Purple and Gold! (You know the Lakers are from Minnesota too, right? Right.)

The royally hued trees create a purple rain throughout the entire city, and always seem to pop up out of the blue, as a raucous burst of colorful surprise. They make my day. They also let you know that the Coppertone-scented Summertime is not far behind ...

There are some good streets around where both sides are lined with Jacarandas, so that when you drive (or bike or walk) along under them, they create a purple canopy that just feels special. And everyone likes to feel special.

Enjoy them while they last!

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