Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ocean Pacific

The O.p. was so beautiful this morning ... like it is every morning, whatever the conditions. Always beauty, just different sometimes. Things I saw this morning that made me happy:

- Little kids freaking out at the waves rolling in, waving their water-winged arms.

- The first smile (more of a grimace, but we counted it) from the Runner Girl we've passed every morning for a year.

- The mohawked Ultimate Fighter, as we call him, turning all the way around to smile and wave. Also a first. He's very serious and dedicated.

- Two bundled up old ladies, with their hoods tied so tight that you could only see their sunglasses. In May.

- Tons of little shells digging their way back into the sand, looking like tiny pastel butterflies.

And finally - it's been a few weeks - DOLPHINS!!! We yelled and exulted more than normal this morning when we spied them in the surf. I think because the horrific BP disaster (and it is a DISASTER on an epic scale. The Gulf of Mexico is dying from this.) - has made me appreciate and love even more just looking out at the water and seeing it still be bright blue. And ALIVE.

But that's just for now. You never know what's going to happen next, and it's not always happening to "Someone Else". I know people that have not been to the beach in actual YEARS, that live just a few miles East. (What is the POINT of living in Los Angeles without ever seeing the Beach?!) That is sad, and a real mistake, because as we're seeing every single day, we do not have any guarantees that it will always be there - or that we'll be able to live to see anything with no more natural resources. Ugh.

So this Summer, do yourself some good. Breathe in the Ocean air, and watch how thrilled little kids still get when they see the vast - and funnest thing ever - blue sea stretched out in front of them. It makes you want to protect it with all you've got. And certainly appreciate it while you've got it.

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