Monday, April 13, 2015

A Venice Public Art Gallery

I was delighted yet again to see another public art installation in Venice by the wonderful Robin Murez and Venice Public Art. Now when you go to Another Kind Of Sunrise for a coffee or breakfast bowl, you can also sit down and create a beautiful piece of art with their supplies, and then have it be there on display for all to see your latest creation.

It's fun to sit and look at the works done by complete strangers, or be people you may see every day and have no idea the art skills they have hidden up their sleeves. It's also great to have and support a little something unique on the block that is slowly turning into everyone else's same old mall.

I'm usually racing down the boulevard with somewhere to be, but now that I know this little gallery is here for us, I'll make a point of sitting down, taking a moment, and making something that might cheer someone's day like they did mine.

The Public Art Gallery is located at Another Kind Of Sunrise:

1629 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Down the sunny path.

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