Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy 45th, Earth Day!

Today is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day ... and we've never needed to pay more attention to it. California is in a record drought, with like one year's supply left of water. ONE year. The last white rhino on the planet has to be protected by armed guards in Africa so filthy poachers won't kill it for its tusk. THE LAST ONE. Gale force winds washed away an entire beach outside of Sydney, Australia, gone for good. FOR GOOD. And that's just the crazy environmental issues of this week.

How anyone can deny the urgency of taking care of our beautiful, spectacular, miraculous Earth each and EVERY day is just beyond me. For there to be a single climate change denier left in these times in our world means they have serious mental problems. Each and every person needs to make some effort every single day. Then it just becomes a habit and we can all go forward breathing a little easier ... or at least breathing.

For the last bunch of years, Disney has released an eco-friendly film to celebrate Earth Day, and if some cute monkeys don't get you to stop what you're doing and pay attention to the treasures of our planet ... then we're really doomed. Enjoy!

Happy 45th, dear Eaaaaarth Day, Happy Birthday to you!

Every day.

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