Monday, April 20, 2015

A Choose Life Weekend

It seemed like everyone just felt like going NUTS this past weekend. Spring is in the air, people have kind of been hunkered down, and this weekend was all about getting out there, seeing your friends, and doing stuff outside together. The good omen to start it all off was the first bloom of 2015 for my favorite hibsicus, Sahara Wind. It pretty much always means something good is about to happen.

That good - REAL good - came in the form of Brian Dunsmoor's birthday Crawfish Boil with all of our best homies in attendance.

This is one of my very favorite meals, not only because it is mouth watering delicious, but because you all stand around the table together, getting messy and not caring at all. It's a very communal gathering, and one that helps you get to know your neighbor in a fun way.

We all sucked the juice out of the crawfish heads, and gnawed on our corn on the cob, sitting there under the bright purple jacaranda tree in the sunshine. Having a blast and soaking it all in and up, a ladybug flew down and landed right on my head. Another good omen, and good luck to go with it!

Lacey was the lovely hostess of the day, and little Bootsie was right there in her pocket all day, making sure everyone was having a good time. The day turned to night, we all turned into animals, and that was the end of recording any of it.

The next morning dawned with surprisingly clear heads, and that meant good decisions. Like Hinano's for breakfast. Another posse was rounded up, and everyone felt a lot better about the day after a burrito and a beer. It was then that our friend, Chris, said, "Today I was going to choose Couch, but now that I'm out here looking around at everyone out having fun on a beautiful day, I'm glad we chose Life." Truth. One should always choose Life over Couch. This was confirmed over an alley toast with our Fernet digestif, and it was off down Speedway to keep the party going.

Along the way, we chanced upon a classic car show in the beach parking lot off of Venice Boulevard, where one fresh ride was cooler than the next.

People milled around talking cars, watching the lowriders bounce up and down, and generally digging the scene of a glorious Spring day at the beach.

It was impressive. I'm not sure who it was put on by (was not remotely in reporter mode), but I saw one of my neighbors out there showing off his ride.

 People on bikes, girls on skates, speakers blasting from the coolest cars possible ... it was a good day at the beach.

Bloodies at The Townhouse became ocean dives became back to Hinano's became ditching some of it became making food became more drinks and sunsets and more friends and more ... and somehow all of a sudden it's Monday again and that weekend is now a blur of memories and all I know is how happy I am that WE CHOSE LIFE. I hope you did too.

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