Tuesday, March 27, 2018

L.A.Vate At Amiga

There was a really fun art opening/party at Amiga on Lincoln last Friday night, but life has been a bit nuts, so I'm only getting to tell you about it now. It was already a packed house by the time my friend and I strolled over to the great shop to see what was going down.

The Amigas (Sadie Gilliam and Nicole Reed) curated an excellent art show made up of other amigas y amigos that were all in the house on this fun night. Priscilla Witte, Pink Riches, Jason Adler, Monique Boileau, Erika Lane, Shannon Moss, Matt Branham, and the Netherworlds project all showed everyone what they got ... and it was good.

It's always fun to see the friends that you only mainly see on social media in real life, and I was extra happy to see my friends, Tara and Danny, in the flesh! They were there with their photography project "The Netherworlds", with a very cool underwater vibe that were my favorite works in the show. Dreamy.

There was live painting outside, there was live music (after I left - we still had to eat!), but above all, there were friends.

Having a great time in the neighborhood together ... AND it was also doing some good, as proceeds from the raffles went to It's On Us, a non-profit organization that works to help prevent sexual assault on school campuses. Which needs to happen, and we're happy to help.

I was just about to sneak out of our quest for food, when this piece by Shannon Moss caught my eye ... "The springtime is kind ... and brings you home."

That's kind of what I'd been feeling ... Spring is so beautiful and full of life, and it brings that feeling of home into your heart. Where you're from, but also where you have made your home ... and Venice is a pretty good one, especially with great people like this doing great things.

Thank you, Amigas!

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