Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women's Day 2018 - R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

It's nice that everyone is posting about International Women's Day today, but I've never been a fan of "Days" like this, mainly because I think it only showcases that there's still a need to be set apart, and, of course, we should all be cool to everybody on every day. Still, it's nice. I was thinking about the past year, and all that has been going on in regards to Women ... and it's a good thing. I went through and picked out some highlights of the last year, celebrating women with the women I know and love. It all began with the Women's March in January of 2017, and that thing was something else. Peaceful protest, full of love, all day long. Who runs the world?!

After the Women's March, we took to the streets of Venice for International Women's Day last year. After a great presentation at Principessa, we had our own march right down the middle of Abbot Kinney. Honks and waves of support let us know that the movement is only growing. Women are rad.

I was surrounded by the wonderful women of Venice in the summer when I got to be the Neptune Queen, and it was a glorious day of celebrating with my mermaids ...

... And my bathing beauties! Our Venice women know how to have FUN!

I got to spend my birthday with my best friends, my home friends, and we kicked up our heels on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, where I always go to regroup and feel my roots. I'm so lucky to have lifelong friends that only get better with each passing year.

My favorite woman in all the world is my darling Mother, and we got to spend a lot of time together this past year, with massive appreciation for each other obvious and apparent in every lovely memory that we created. She is a masterpiece of humanity, and I learned how to be a good person from her. She personifies good, and I absolutely honor and celebrate her every single day.

I'm still as tight as ever with my girls from high school, and we had a ladies night when I was home where I once again felt so happy that we can just pick up where we left off every time. It's rare, and it's super extra special to me. I'm full of gratitude for every one of them, again, every day.

The Golden Globes asked that all women wear black this year to showcase the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements, and honestly, it's all well past long overdue. Every lady I know has had some sexual harassment b.s. to deal with. I was asked by a kind of old school guy today, "Well, when is Men's Day?" and I just had to laugh. The patriarchy is so old and rusty it's funny, if it wasn't still so gross and wrong. I know SO many smart, funny, kind, talented, gorgeous, wonderful single women (myself included), and I get asked all the time why no one has snatched me - or them -  up yet, and the answer is because men need to be better. Get some balls. Ask women out. Court them. Be good to them. Don't cheat on them (if you can't do that, don't commit at all in the first place). Don't sexually harass them (duh). Communicate. Be honest. RESPECT them. It's really not that hard. But for some reason (perhaps entire generations being overly coddled by their mothers to the point that chivalry is nearly dead because they've had everything done for them - just a guess), it seems to be real hard to grasp. And women should never settle.

 Venice Mardi Gras was full of beautiful, strong Venice women, and there hasn't been a better time yet this year. Hail the Queen!

I love this photo of myself as a kid, because I think I look like no nonsense, and I've tried to remain true to that raised chin ever since. The whole photo is of my whole family, and I've got on a halter and skinned knees from playing with all the boys (there are very few women in my family). I never felt less than. I never felt like boys were better. I felt like I could do just about everything boys could do - and still do. I guess (or I've been told) that that can be intimidating or less attractive or whatever, but if men can't handle women like me - or the scores of equal-minded women I know - then they're really not worthy of us, and here we are.

That little girl wants to be like this woman I saw on the internet when I grow up. Having fun, taking no prisoners, and spreading love all the while. It's all a choice.

International Women's Day feels cooler this year, because we're surfing a changing tide, and it's good. Cheers to ALL women, and Men, we look forward to you being better. Thank you in advance!

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