Friday, March 9, 2018

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Part Two

There was a very special gathering of Venice ladies last night at La Cabaña for International Women's Day, that was touching, inspiring, and an awful lot of fun. Organized by longtime Venice advocate for everyone, Yolanda Miranda (in town visiting from Utah, where she said she is like "A palm tree in Siberia."), I felt honored to be there in the presence of such strong and talented women.

                                                           *Poster created by Greta Cobar

Former Free Venice Beachhead ringleader, Jim Smith, was there to present us all (nearly all Beachhead Alumni) with roses on behalf of the men of Venice. Pitchers of margaritas were already flowing by the time I got there, and the ladies were in the mood to celebrate. We had the back patio pretty much taken over, and other patrons were on notice that it might get loud. And it did. Miranda read Ain't I A Woman by Sojourner Truth to us, and it gave goosebumps ... Just click on the link and read it for yourself. 

I'll wait. (I'd post it here but something is messing up with formatting today. Like below. Sorry.)

Wow.  Then Greta Cobar recited And Still I Rise, by Maya Angelou, which is equally great. Cobar's mother, Natasha, was there as well, and it's always great to see where your friends get their radness from.

Artist and poet, Hillary Kaye, created a beautiful poster, and she and Miranda gifted us all with bookmarks made from the same art as the poster that featured legendary women. I love it. Thank you!  There was a purple bag (the color for International Women's Day, I was told) for each of us, containing a sachet that I'm smelling and loving now, and a card featuring Frida Kahlo. I love that I.W.D. is becoming an actual celebration - complete with gifts! 

Suzy Williams sang such a beautiful rendition of Moon Over Venice that a woman approached me in the bathroom and asked who it was that had such a wonderful voice. That's our Venice Songbird for you.  Beautiful speeches were made, and all were honored. Alice Stek was there - she delivers and saves babies born with AIDS every day. Ivonne Guzman was there - she fights for housing and the homeless every day.

                                                                                 *Photo by Jim Smith
A woman was there who had lost her husband to cancer only a month ago, and you could see her regain strength just being there amid women that understood, and enveloped her with love. It truly was a special feeling ... of what it means to belong to the tribe of Women - women who can -and DO - do anything. The mariachi fellows honored us with their beautiful serenades, and the party was on.

There was even a special cake for the occasion, and it too was fantastic. I hope ladies everywhere felt special yesterday, and that the current groundswell of support for each other only continues to build ... into a tsunami of change and progress that cannot be challenged. 

Viva Las Mujeres! 

Gracias, Yolanda & every woman there. You are forces of nature, All. 

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