Monday, May 2, 2016

A Springtime Ladies Jam At The Venice Skatepark

Last Saturday was one of the most glorious days possible, with all the perks of Spring ... bright sunshine, fresh air, flowers blossoming ... and the Venice Skatepark full of females for the Springtime Ladies Jam.

It was an all day affair, with everyone from little, tiny girls in their pink helmets to seriously ripping adult women, all fearlessly showing their stuff to the hoots and shouts of the appreciative observers ringing the skatepark.

The place was packed all day, with a festive atmosphere due to all the vendor booths and the pumping tunes from the D.J.s. There were plenty of boys in attendance, both to watch and to sneak in their own runs between official contest stuff. It was good to see them all being so supportive of their female counterparts, all yelling and fist pumping for the tricks being performed that would be tough for anyone, no matter the gender.

It was one of those days with a ton of places to be, so I couldn't stay and hang out to see who won what, but I will tell you that ALL of Venice won on Saturday. Because when you have people of all ages, sizes, colors, languages, all coming together in the name of empowering and encouraging young girls to be and do whatever they want ... the whole world wins.

Thanks to all involved for a wonderful afternoon at our Venice Skatepark, and for the much appreciated message to all that "Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word." These girls, in fact, RULE.

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