Friday, April 1, 2016

The Skatermade Art Of Bart Saric

A fun art opening went down last night at Trim on Rose to exhibit the artwork of Bart Saric, owner of the Skatermade skate company, and lifelong Venice guy. You could tell it was a true Venice opening as soon as you walked up, with skaters pulling tricks on the concrete out in front of the salon, and by seeing people you actually knew in town!

A whole bunch of skaters and Venice O.G.s were there to support their longtime friend Saric, and to catch up with pals around the keg. There was live music going on from Meet Me At The Pub's Jeremy Parker, keeping it all festive.

Saric's paintings of surf and skate scenes were done on skate decks, and the accompanying photography kept to that awesome theme. When talking to Saric about it, he explained that he has his art, his skate company, his filmmaking, his own surfing and skating, and all sorts of plates spinning in the air, and I commented that it seems like a lot of Venice people have multiple outlets for their creativity and expression, and perhaps that's why we were all drawn here. Saric answered, "I think it's because we all have something to share." I love that.

Sharing was in full effect at the opening party, from the tall tales being swapped to the passing of the dutchie outside on a starry Venice night. Kaycee Smith of Trim curated the art show, and it looks great. I especially liked the deck hanging in mid-air.

Smith could not say enough good about Saric, and told me that he is the ultimate example of a skater living the credo, "Biggest grin wins!" Skater Eric Dressen was there, and had a statement on the wall backing that up ...

Everyone was having such a good time that no one noticed it getting late, well past salon hours. The entire crowd cleaned and packed it up together, and then headed as one big group to the Cock and Bull.  That's the mark of a good party, when no one wants it to end, and everyone carries on to the next phase together. That is special. That is friendship. That is community. That's what this bunch is about. Good times, Skatemade.

Saric's art will be on display at Trim on Rose through June 1st. 
512D Rose Avenue, Venice.

Art inquiries may be made to