Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Venice Love For Prince

I'm sure people are going to get sick of me talking about Prince pretty soon, but I'm not all that concerned about it. Mainly because I still just can't believe it. I was thinking about it all again this morning walking along the beach, and my spirits were brightened by the graffiti walls.

Artists had remembered Prince here too. They should all go watch Graffiti Bridge now, and get out and do up every bridge around. Please? And thank you. To everyone really, for putting up with me on this. I guess I'm just happy I got to have the experiences I did ... but that sadness comes from knowing there will never be any more.

A friend of a friend posted a Christmas card he'd received from Prince years ago, where Prince had written (in purple ink, of course), "Peace and Be Wild". You now know my new motto.

Peace! And be WILD!!

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  1. Waiting to read your notes on our visits to The 1st Av. Star and The Paisley Park tributes on Sunday!!
    LOVE and XOXOs.