Friday, April 15, 2016

Make A Magic Bus!

I've been noticing a lot of wildly painted vehicles around town lately, and I dig it. I saw this Magic Bus last night, and of course wanted on, but no one seemed to be home. John Lennon, Ozzy, David Bowie and friends all look out from this mural of an automobile, and you just know there's good times aboard.

Further along, there was a mobile home painted in a kind of desert palate Starry Night - also cool. These color-mobile's were both found on the same block ... there are plenty more around, happily. In the beautiful, wacky, creative vortex that is Venice, why not make your transpo look fun too? Why not make things interesting everywhere you look? Why not conduct your own Electric Kool Aid Acid Test on your own Further? Life is short, People.

As we cruise on into the weekend, that's a great question ... Why not?!

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