Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Venice Is For Lovers

I read the horoscope in the L.A. Times this morning, as one does, and this is what they had to say overall about today for everyone's sign ...

"The sun's moving into the sign of sensual awareness will show you the true character of your environment. If you let it happen, this place will be a vibrant influence over the day and your mood. Consider and compare other possible settings. As you do this, the reason you are precisely where you are will become very clear."

Then I went on my morning constitutional along the beach, and saw this rad mural by Jonas Never on my way back in front of The Whaler ...

NOW I know why we're here! That horoscope might just be on to something. Pay attention to signs, People.

Get it, Lovers!

*Happy Birthday, Sailene Ossman! Enjoy your day with your lover! xxx