Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Windward Juice - Serving Juice In The Alley

Some of the best things about Venice are its hidden treasures. It's always a treat to turn a corner and be delighted by something unexpected ... something special ... something great. So it was when I walked down the alley behind Windward and discovered Windward Juice.

I'll be honest, I was tipped off. Windward Juice is in the back of Animal House, and owner Ronny Kleyweg is one of my all time Venice favorites. He had some space in the back of the shop, back where they store all the Vans, and he thought, "Why not turn this into a juice shop?" Because, why not? Juice is delicious. Alleys are cool. Bam.

The little door in the alley looks like you could be anywhere in Europe, all brick and charming. There are little shelves that detach and go in for the night, and in case they're hustling up front, there's a little button to "Press For Juice". Get it?

We made our first stop on fourth of July, and it was such a calm reprieve from the madhouse of the beach and Boardwalk back there in the alley, sipping on juice with my friends. I got the "Quench", which was watermelon, mint and lime - perfect for the Summer holiday. Delish. All the juices are locally made by Clover Juices.

All the good vibes are also locally made. Get in there and get yours!

Windward Juice
66 Windward Court/Animal House

They open at 8 am!

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