Friday, July 17, 2015

Positive Affirmations On Venice Boulevard

It sure does make your walk a whole lot nicer when every few steps the sidewalk is telling you how great you are.

For the past couple years, someone has been tagging the sidewalk along South Venice Boulevard with awesome little messages and put-ups for whomever happens to be ambling by.

The City (I presume) keeps coming out and painting over them (why?) with black paint, but then the person or persons come back with silver or white paint over the black. So there. I love that they are defiant in their positivity.

Whatever is happening in your life at any given moment, it doesn't hurt to be reminded that, in truth, you are perfect.

Or that you made someone's day.

Or that someone always knew you were the one.

Or simply that you're going the right way.

The newest one brought me back to college, when I was all about Joseph Campbell and his urging to Follow Your Bliss. There is perhaps no better advice in all the world.

Follow your bliss ... and in this case, and on this sidewalk, that leads right to the beach.

Happy beautiful, blissful weekend to one and all!

And THANK YOU to the spray paint bandits that always make MY day.

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