Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bastille Day At The French Market Cafe - Vive La France!

I have gotten my coffee at The French Market Cafe pretty much every day I've been in town for the last two decades. It's my spot. I love them. In all these years of patronage, I think last Sunday might have been the most fun yet at the French, as they celebrated Bastille Day a couple of days early.

The patio was decked out in red, white, and blue balloons and bunting. The special menu for the day was all French favorites like the croque monsieur, quiches, and le cheval. There was a waffle bar set up outside for the day, and you can be sure that the champagne was flowing.

Our favorite chanteuse, Zaya, was singing the classics like "La Vie En Rose", and there was a fun photo booth set up right in the middle of it all with French props to make one look legit, even if you were a Yank like me.

All the beloved staff were decked out in red berets, even Carole at the register. I'm sure she was secretly pleased. Je t'aime, Carole!!!

No one looked more perfectly Parisian than owner, Agness Martinez. Ever the gracious hostess, she waltzed throughout the celebration, smiling and serving her friends and all the Frenchies who came from all over town to join in on the festivities. It was a madhouse, yet all the service was with a big smile, with laughter and fun for staff and patrons alike.

It was a delightful Sunday afternoon, and never have I felt more the wonderful French qualities being honored on this holiday ... Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity ... for ALL.

Vive La France and Vive La French Market Cafe!!!

*And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, Christina Conway! Vive La Christina!!!

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