Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Twins In California - You Can Take The Girl Out Of Minnesota ...

... But you can't take the Minnesota out of the girl. A few of us California Minnesotans made the trip to Anaheim last night to see the Minnesota Twins take on the Los Angeles (formerly Anaheim and still weird that it's not) Angels. It's always fun to see the Twins jerseys in a sea of red Angels stuff, and I've always admired the people that do that. It's a certain kind of bravery, loyalty, and I don't care what you think attitude that I love. Though your seat neighbors are not always pleased.

Sports. Sure, it's an opiate for the masses, but it's also always a good time. It was so fun to have our little pal Quinn take in his first Twins game - already a tried and true (and often frustrated) fan of all Minnesota sports teams, even though he's born and raised in Venice. Like I said ... Loyalty.

Our beloved Twins got killed by the Angels last night, but it didn't even matter. It was a beautiful Summer night, spent with best friends enjoying the "American pastime". And doing the wave is always time well spent.

Angel Stadium, I was impressed with your fire explosions and volcano ... but GO TWINS!!!

*Also HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my darling Mother! If you see her, please give her a gigantic hug and kiss for me ... see you next week, Mom!

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