Wednesday, July 15, 2015

David Tanych Sculptures - Heavy Metal

I was out for a stroll the other day and took a different route than usual, just for fun. I turned down Broadway, and smacked right into a metal sculpture of giant nails, drilled right into the middle of the sidewalk.

A little ways up the block was another big sculpture, this time of a giant toy jack.

A sign on the fence nearby said David Tanych Sculpture, so when I got back home I checked it out. Tanych is from Vermont, and has been working with wood and metal since his dad put a hammer and nails in his hand when he was ten years old. He added metal to his repertoire after a blacksmith course in North Carolina, and now his work in furniture and sculptures is collected all over the world. He often collaborates with his wife, artist, Meryl Lebowitz.

I'm not sure what kind of red tape hoops Tanych had to jump through to get to put his sculptures right there in the city sidewalk, but I kind of like to think that he just went ahead and did it. I also think they're perfect objects to display in Venice .... a town with parts that are tough as nails, and parts that are full of fun and whimsy.

Cheers to Mr. Tanych for doing his part in keeping Venice fun to look at!

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