Friday, July 10, 2015

Pier Concerts Kick Off With The Minneapolis Funk!

The Twilight Concert Series began last night on the Santa Monica Pier, and as usual, it was a complete blast. We were extra excited because the band booked to start the Summer concerts off right was Morris Day and The Time. Minneapolis legends! Hometown heroes! We couldn't wait.

This was also exciting because it would be the first concert of the Minneapolis sound for the young kids in our group, all with Minnesota roots. We got there a little late so the pier was jam packed and we had to go in all the way at the back. Usually we post up on the sand, but we wanted to actually see and hear the self-proclaimed sexiness of Morris Day up closer. (In fact, Day mentioned that when "Uptown Funk" says, "I had to kiss myself, I'm so pretty", he actually said that first 30 years ago).

Yes, it was all about the sexiness, as Day brought a bunch of ladies up on stage to dance around with him. Everyone was all smiles and dancing, and the kids up on our shoulders told us that it looked pretty good up on the stage too. They played all the crowd pleasers ... we danced and did "The Bird", we walked back up the pier singing "Jungle Love". Good, good times.

Pier concerts are about as Southern California Summer perfect as it gets, and the line-up this year is really good. Sister Nancy, Ariel Pink, Jefferson Starship ... come on. And it's all free, outside, in the fresh air, under a sunset, with all your friends. Every Thursday.

Happy Summer!

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