Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dear Ferguson

In messed up times like these, when it feel like there is no more justice to be found ... it's most important to talk about it. Sing about it. Exercise your freedom of speech, your anger, your voice.

Two of my dear friends addressed the crime of Michael Brown's murder in Ferguson before the Grand Jury b.s. even came back with their "No Indictment" decision. As there really are no words I can think of right now, I'll let them speak for me .... for US. The PEOPLE. I'm so thankful we have artists unafraid to call it what it is....

First, Tom Morello with "Marching On Ferguson" ...

And more truth from Ben Harper with "Call It What It Is (Murder)"...

Enough said. For now.

Count your blessings tomorrow ... Be thankful for your freedoms. And use them wisely.

Much love to you all for a beautiful day of thanks. Love every minute of it, for those who can't.


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