Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gjustaaaah - Now Open

The Gjelina group's new bakery restaurant is now open. Gjusta opened its doors last week on Sunset Avenue, just across from Gold's Gym - which is hilarious, considering it'a a carb and sweets absolute Heaven and total temptation.

I went for the first time last Saturday, and it was a mad house. Droves of people lining up to check out the fantastic pastry creations from Nicole Rucker, super fine cheeses and meats, a sandwich section ... it truly is a foodie's dream. You'll just have to wait kind of a long time to fulfill it into your mouth. It will be worth it.

The ordering system is a bit chaotic as you in up for each different section and each section is packed. I'm sure this whole deal will get smoother, and this was opening weekend for a hotly anticipated spot, so had to choose either "overwhelming" or "fun" as your mindset. I chose fun.

And it was, because I ran into a bunch of people I knew among the obligatory hipsters, including the owners and Chef Travis Lett, there from Gjelina to roll up his sleeves and chip in on the new endeavor, taking customer orders and congratulations in equal measure.

I had a late one the night before, so arrived too late to partake in the porchetta breakfast sandwich they were sold out of ... but was consoled by the delicious blueberry scone I wound up with - and felt lucky to get, as they were going fast.

The breads are gorgeous. I saw a gentleman leave and walk down the street, just happily breaking off chunks of his baguette and eating it as he strolled. Irresistible.

As Rucker is a National Pie Competition blue ribbon winner, the pies are something to behold. They alone would be worth both the trip and the wait.

The wait. Don't be afraid of it, just embrace it, bring a friend to chat with, and be glad that we have this world class deluxe deliciousness just a walk away.


Gjusta is located at 320 Sunset Ave. in Venice. There is no sign, but they do not need one. You'll know.

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