Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Robin Rudisill for City Council - Vote Today!

The City Council election TODAY is a no brainer for me. The Snapchat protest last week showed the true colors of what I think was an accurate microcosm of Venice - and these candidates - as a whole. Robin Rudisill was out there on behalf of, and on the same side as, the true People of Venice. She spoke out saying Venice is a community, not a corporate campus. Amen. Awomen. She is also the only one who reached out to be connected on Facebook. A long time ago. That showed me she wanted to be involved on things in our community that matter to people like me. Like us. People who truly love the Venice Community - not just the opportunity to make a buck. Robin it is.

Mark Ryavec dropped by to say he liked Snapchat in Venice. Uh, no. You know who he'll be siding with going forward. And Mike Bonin was a complete no-show. I presume because it would be too sticky for him to have a vocal position on it there. Not very heroic. So, there you have it. Easy choice. Robin Rudisill for City Council if you truly care about the Venice we all know and love. Of course, you have to go vote period if you care about Venice at all, so get out there! It's important.

*Also, as I've been asked:

NO on S (it's smoke and mirrors and no bueno. Backed by huge Trump supporter. Nope.)
YES on M
NO on N

These are all decisions made after much discussion with the people that know best about them. I'd get more into it, but I have to go vote! Good luck, Robin!!!

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