Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Meow-ural On California

On my way back from the beach this morning, I saw a bunch of Missing posters up and down Venice Boulevard, looking for a lost cat. The reward for lost cats has really gone up, as this one was offering $20,000 for its return. Twenty G's. For a cat. OK. When I passed a human person sleeping under one of the signs. I hope a very poor person finds it and can afford their Venice rent this month, and there will be a very happy reunion with the very fancy cat and its owner. Everyone wins. Right? Wow.

Back on Abbot Kinney, I was waiting for my friend outside of Abbot's Habit and noticed a new mural on the wall outside of Salt & Straw. An old-timey milkman is now out there feeding some cats to entertain the long lines of sheep/people waiting for ice cream on California Avenue. They all appear to be strays, but you never know on Abbot Kinney. It might be where the $20,000 cats go to hang out these day. Keep your eyes peeled.


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