Friday, February 24, 2017

Nick Miller + Urbanic = #Urbanick

There was a fun neighborhood gathering last night to celebrate the launch of Nick Miller's new line of art and cards now available at Urbanic on Abbot Kinney.

Miller is a writer living in Venice, who I became friends with when he and his now wife, Cammy, lived downstairs from me. Both Millers are deeply involved in Venice, with Cammy owning her own store on California Avenue, Show Me Your Mumu. You've also probably seen them around town walking their beloved dog, Mick Swagger. I adore the Millers, and was delighted to join in the party for Nick's new endeavor.

Urbanic (dubbed UrbaNICK for the evening) was full of friends and fans, all enjoying the libations served up on the outside patio in back by some of the lovely Mumu girls.

Miller writes his cards and art pieces on vintage typewriters, one of which was there for revelers to write their own profound thoughts.

It's almost a shame that this soirée took place after Valentine's day, as most of Miller's cards are deeply romantic, and would have been very well received on that day. Good thing Valentine's Day is every day, right? RIGHT?!

Absolutely correct, if you glanced around and saw the love all over the place last night. Family, good friends, and a community gathered to celebrate and support one of our own. That's love, and that's good times.

Miller's novel, Isn't It Pretty To Think So? was also available, and the author was present to get them signed. I think my favorite piece in the collection is one that says "Art will come from this". These days, that's some solace.

Congratulation to Nick Miller and to Urbanic, for an excellent new collaboration between community citizens and businesses ... that's the way to help keep Venice, Venice. Isn't it pretty to think so, at least?

Cheers to #Urbanick!

*Top two photos by Mark Epstein

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