Thursday, February 9, 2017

Guerilla In The Mist

Today was one of those days when Dogtown is Fogtown ... and that's when my friend Edgar from Costa Rica was coming for his first visit to California ever. It was not at all the stereotypical bright sunshine and blue skies kind of day that those who have only ever seen Venice on t.v. or in movies have come to expect. You could barely SEE the water from the Boardwalk, but you knew it was there.

The good thing about Venice is that it's cool no matter what the weather. We walked the Boardwalk, as you must, and I was happy to see the fog hadn't dampened any spirits. The street performers and vendors - and their attendant crowds -  were still out in force. I particularly liked this guerilla Venice sculpture put up by a creative soul down there. We ducked into Hinano's to show the Costa Rican boy a true Venice experience, and by the time we came back outside, the sun had peeked through very far off over the ocean's horizon, turning the water all silvery. The beauty is always there ... sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it ... and then it's even more worth it. Good life lessons ... for a Pura Vida!

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