Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Love From Venice!

Love. That's what it's all about. It hasn't really felt like it in the World lately, so it's awfully nice that there is a day set aside each year to focus on it ... even though we would do well to observe this holiday EVERY day. I've been thinking about all the many forms of love kind of a lot lately ... and how important it is to show it to those you care about - all the time.

I was thinking that the other day when I saw a bike cop watching a slightly sketchy looking dude, keeping an eye on him to see what he was up to. I walked by the guy and half-smiled, as I wasn't sure if he was danger-crazy or just rebellious crazy. As I passed him, he said, "Love you." The only natural response was "Love you too."   I carried on down the street feeling a little better about humanity, and hope he did too.

About a block up, I ran into my old mailman from two neighborhoods ago. His face lit up and he took out his headphones and said, "HI! How weird, I was just listening to that song "Here Comes The Sun" and then you walked up, how perfect is that?!"  Well, it was perfect, and a day maker too. Love is everywhere.

So today is Valentine's Day, and it can be kind of a bummer when you hear snotty ladies strutting down Abbot Kinney saying things like, "He BETTER have gotten me something good or I'm gonna be pissed." Like that's what it's about. It's not. Then I saw a shirt that said,"Treat them mean/Keep them keen". Like, WHAT?! Is that who we've become? (Er, is that what I've been doing wrong? I've been pretty nice to my dudes ... Hmm...) When I got home from that lame excursion,  I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement to see that my little baby hummingbird friends had decided to reveal themselves on Valentine's Day!  Meet Valentino and Corazon (Gender fluid names as I have no idea what they are)!

I can't stop staring at them, and watching their mother (who I've named Frida/Freeda) care so dearly for them ... and thought, now THAT is love. My own dear Mother was just here visiting, and she simply defines love. I went to the beach and called her, and looked out at the water and felt my heart swell with love for this place and that sea. REAL, true love. Then I saw the old Russian ladies that always come and sit in the sunshine and help each other walk to their bench. The deep and binding love of friendship, and how lucky we are when we find that real deal stuff. The important, money can't buy it kind of showing of love.

 The Venice sign has been adorned with a big heart for the occasion, and that's one I wouldn't mind just leaving up. A heartfelt daily reminder of all that we truly need. LOVE to you all, everywhere!

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