Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tommyland? Hmmm.

There's a whole big thing going down at the beach today in Venice ... which has suddenly been transformed into "Tommyland". Meaning Tommy Hilfiger, not Tommy Lee (shoot). Big corporate clothing empire Tommy Hilfiger, taking over the Boardwalk. Great. If California is a "Donor State", Venice is definitely a Donor City.

I'm told there is a fashion show this evening starring It Girl, Gigi Hadid. All of Venice will be hearing shrill teen girl screams right about sunset (Do not be alarmed). There is clearly a decent budget for this big deal, so I wonder if any of those shooting fees will find there way back into Venice? I wonder if they will pay to clean it up? I wonder if the people that are pimping out the Boardwalk and its cool are thinking about taking care of the actual people that made it cool in the first place? If they showcase the skatepark (which I'm sure they will), will Jesse Martinez and his cleaning crew get actually paid for once for doing all that they do every single day, big budget or not? I wonder if some of the money made off of this endeavor will find its way to the houseless citizens of Venice, who will no doubt be kept out of the area that they call home? I sure hope so.

Tommy Hilfiger has recently said it would be an honor to dress Melania Trump. OK, Bro. Not a very popular stance here in town. Venice has never been about big corporations, though those companies have always sought to profit of of the innate edge that Venice has naturally. I'm sure the awful Snapchat has its mitts all over this, and for that alone, I'll be nowhere near this hubbub. Nah thanks.

Tommyland. Yep. See you at Hinano's instead.

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