Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Venice Corner Ball Park

It's been raining so much lately (Finally! - more to come this weekend!) that California has greened up considerably. Returning from my walk at the beach this morning, I noticed that the little Corner Ball Park at Ocean Avenue and Venice Boulevard is really starting to look like an actual park.

Robin Murez and her Venice Public Art have been working on this project for years (there's always red tape and money involved with these kinds of things), and it's nice to see grass growing and a real area to take a break in. The mosaic balls (depicting sea weed, a Venice column, and triangles for the Silver Triangle neighborhood) are there as both decor and something to sit on. What used to be a beat down old concrete corner is now an inviting little oasis for Venice. Enjoy!

Thanks to Robin and the rain!

Now if that little market across the street would ever re-open up for biz ... !!!???

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  1. Thats not yet the no mow native grSs that we'll eventually have on the mounds, but it does look fresh. You're right that the red tape has bern outrageous. I think it has nearly ended. Stay tuned. And stroll through Centennial Park when you have a chance. Much brewing there, more balls, landscaping, and preparTions for the upcoming Venice Flying Carousel. Xoxo