Thursday, June 3, 2010

You've Been Flocked!

I was just walking down the street and thought to myself, "Wow, these neighbors really like plastic pink lawn flamingos", and then I got closer and saw that the person had been "Flocked".

It must be some new kind of singing telegram type deal you can do. It's tacky and plastic, and kinda made my day. I hope it made the birthday girl's day too.

A guy jumped to his death this morning on the Venice Boardwalk in the thick of the June Gloom. I don't know what gets you to that point, but we live in such a beautiful place with people that are interesting and fun, and decorate their friends' yards with pink flamingos! In the darkest of times, it helps to know that the sun always comes out eventually.

Remember how it feels to have your day brightened (what was your last one that comes to mind?) and see what you can do to bring that to someone else. It may even wind up being a life saver.

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