Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunset Over Venice

My extra talented brother, Paul, took this photo of the sun setting off of the beach in Venice.

He didn't use any special Photo-Shoppy tricks, just his own eyeballs and the colors of nature.

I'm not mad at it.

You're probably going to be seeing a new Blogtown feature called "Paul's Epic Photo of the Week" or something like that. Because he's really that good, and I rather enjoy making peoples' jaws hurtle to the floor.

Check it -


  1. ^j^ That is some Angel..with wings that go on forevah'!! Your bro' is well-accompanied! Please keep posting! Thanks! Jeannie, Mpls

  2. That is a beautiful photo.. I also just loved that photo of your hand holding that red orange pebble. one of my favorite photos I've seen in a long time that pebble photo. Robbie C.

  3. Did he use a filter? Maybe a polarized filter. The contrast is unike anything I've seen in nature.