Monday, June 21, 2010

Go Skateboarding!

Today is not only the official beginning of Summer 2010 (Happy Solstice!!!), but it's also National Go Skateboarding Day!

My family always had a skate ramp in the backyard or in the street in front of the house(I have a scar on my chin to show for it), and it's been so gratifying to see the sport grow and grow and GROW over the years. Now it's a billion dollar industry, and little kids are encouraged to skate, whereas my brother grew up having to chant the old "Skateboarding is not a crime" mantra. It's such sweet justice that the Venice Skate Park opened half a block from his place, and it's teeming with skaters of all ages, all the time.

Speaking of little kids, in honor of today being Go Skateboarding Day!, my little pal, Truman Conway, (and his cool Dad, Dave) made a sweet video down at the beach, and if you don't want to go skating - in Venice - right after viewing ... Well, I can't help you.

There was also a fantastic skate contest put on by Ghost Town Skateboards this last Saturday at the Church ramp on Lincoln. It was a glorious day in the sunshine, and my skater brother Paul's band (called Earthquakes On Acid at this printing) had its debut, appropriately surrounded by the skating brethren. We'll talk more about that this week with Leandro from Ghost Town.

It's a beautiful day, wherever you are, and Summer is the perfect time to get out there and GO SKATEBOARDING!!

Take it from Truman.

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  1. Great Article!! Cute video!! Wow, Truman has grown up a lot since I've seen him!! Can't wait to hear Paul's band!!