Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Matt Ellis - Heart Of Mine Video (starring Venice!)

My dear friend Matt Ellis just came out today with the classic new video for his single, "Heart Of Mine", off his excellent new album, Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Along with Matt, it stars the best dog ever, Banjo - the lovable Lady and the Tramp-y Tramp dog child of Matt and his lovely wife, Vavine. You can see here why Banjo is one of the only dogs I really get and consider a homie. Him, and Lyle, the pro-skateboarder Bulldog sidekick.

And speaking of homies, the video is full of Venice locals rocking along with Matt at the Cinema Bar, and Banjo is seen sprinting all over Venice streets to try and make the gig!

Production crew was also straight Venice, with Matt directing the video himself, shot by Matt Taylor and Jose Diaz, and edited by Matt E., Paul Gronner and Joey Indrieri.

A creative bunch, in a creative place, CREATING! That's what's most Venice about it.

Enjoy! (and Congratulations to all involved!)

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  1. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! What a sweet dog -- he really shows his "heart of mine", and the essence of the song. Devotion!! Congratulations Matt and all who helped create this video!!