Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stephanie Hobgood - Friend & Stylist Extraordinaire!

You've probably seen her walking or biking around the streets of Venice with her Boston Terrier, Nico. You really can't miss the tall gorgeousness of Stephanie Hobgood ... it's fairly jarring.

She's an Oregon girl, but has been living in Venice again (after a stint here when she first moved to L.A.) since June ... and it's been oh, so lovely to have one of my best home-girls near me again. The very best (and truest) thing I've heard said about Steph is "You know she'd have your back in a bar fight." And she's proven that time and time again (not necessarily in bar fights - yet, but in daily life for sure).

Steph is a stylist at Trim on Abbot Kinney, and the only one currently offering the latest craze for ladies that have crazy hair "and still want to go to the beach", the Brazilian Blow Dry. It's a fairly spendy process ($300), but if you're one of those (I say blessed, they all say cursed) with curly or wavy hair, apparently this is THE jam. Straight, shiny and silky - right out of the shower. The Anti-Frizz. It lasts from 6 weeks to 3 months, and that's a lot of good hair days. Ladies are freaking out for it, so call and make your appointment with Steph at (310) 396-3330 if that sounds like your hair dream. My hair is already stick-straight, and Steph cuts it that way too. I've been stopped on the street by strangers commenting on how ruler-straight my hair is across the bottom. That's Steph's able hands - that she makes me stand up to accomplish. She does all the Venice Gronners' hair, and most of our friends too. Venice is looking GOOD since Steph came to town!

You'll see her cute dimples a lot too, as this one is hilarious. We were talking about the merits or demerits of our local coffee spots the other day, and Steph said, "Why does it have to be a science project, just give me a coffee. And I want a FAT coffee to start my day, I'm an American, Super Size it!" That was about the new cafe at Equator, who shrank their cup size (ha) from one week to the next. So now she's a Groundworks on Rose gal (good dog park en route, and Steph is nothing if not a doting Mother to her little Neeks), while I remain true to The French Market. (But don't stalk us.)

Steph is a crucial member of my Bikini Team - the bike/walk/swim triathalon we do each weekday morning, but she has been much in demand lately for hair on photo shoots, so she's been slacking on the Team. Which is fine by us, she's Bikini Team Emeritus. For always. She's also about to be on a hair salon reality show as the only white girl that does weaves in the shop. I cannot WAIT for that one!

Stephanie Hobgood was born to ROCK. She is happiest in the V.I.P. area of a Slayer show ... and has a lot of good rock and roll stories up her tattooed sleeves. It's one of the things I love most about her - her gamer attitude, and her raised rock-horn enthusiasm.

Check her out when you need to look real good - she will lively up your look in no time.

*Oh, and Gentlemen, she's single.


  1. Miss my metal neighbor since we moved EAST of Lincoln, duh duh duh!

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