Friday, September 7, 2018

Tom Freund's East Of Lincoln Album Out Today!

Longtime Venice resident and friend Tom Freund, like many Venice locals, finally had to make the move to the dreaded East Of Lincoln, and his new album with that title comes out today on Surf Road Records. The multi-genre covering new work tells the tales of what is happening in Venice (and the world, and in relationships) and how it's been changing so much - and not necessarily for the better.

The title track includes the line, "I know I'm no Saint, but I know when something is good, and when it ain't" - referring to the wealth and greed taking over our bohemian beach community. It's sad ... especially when it replaces the people who truly love and care about a place, with people who are merely seeking status and ... well, I don't know what they want, really. Who in their right mind would want to ruin such an eclectic and special place? All I know is they don't belong here in this wonderful, creative vortex that has nurtured so many artists and writers and musicians ... who use it as their muse - as Freund has done here with this beautiful, touching, obviously close to the heart production.

In "Abandoning The Ship", Freund compares it all to jumping ship and swimming for a new shore ... wherever the place we might fit in now might be. Featuring world-class players and peers of Freund, the album's musicianship is top shelf, and your ears will notice. Folks like Rami Jaffe (Foo Fighters) and Ben Harper show up to support their friend on multiple tracks, and you can hear the inspiration of another Tom - Petty - all over the thing. That's good company, for sure, but Freund's lyrics and playing are so deeply personal that the resulting work is unmistakably Freund ... a guy who a mutual friend once described as "Most other musicians would be lucky to carry his equipment." High - and well deserved - praise.

East Of Lincoln is deeply Venice, and another love song to California that would be a perfect Golden State road trip accompaniment. When you're listening to it ... REALLY listen. You'll hear echoes and feel those mellow vibes of what Venice used to be like - and that you can still find if you really try. This soundtrack will surely help.

East Of Lincoln is available everywhere today.

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