Thursday, September 13, 2018

Juan And Nancy - Summer of '79

I've been taking Palms on my way to get coffee lately, and I keep walking over this engraving in the sidewalk:

Juan and Nancy, Summer of '79. I like to think they're still together. I like to think they're still in Venice, and would sell to a developer over their dead bodies (on that note, I hope they're still alive!). I like to think they hold hands and walk along the beach on the way to Hinano's, where they had their first dinner after their rollerskating date. I saw this photo on the You Know You're From Venice ... Facebook page (via "Groovy History"), and I like to think this is Juan and Nancy. It IS from 1979 ...

I like to think they're still that groovy. Juan and Nancy, wherever you are - Love to you!