Friday, August 17, 2018

Shed The Old Leaves

A whole bunch of Venice palm trees were getting a trim while I was on my morning walk, and it was kind of great to watch. The guys are on lifts all the way up, and it looked like fun work. It was mesmerizing to watch the big, dry fronds fall gracefully down to the street for a moment ... and then it got me thinking.

It's back to school time here in L.A.  (even though summer is still in full swing, these poor kids today ...), and kids get new clothes and new supplies, and move on up in grades and intelligence - leaving the old behind. I don't think you ever really grow out of that feeling at the end of the summer ... to me, it's almost more new year than New Year's Eve. Like, o.k. ... let's get down to business for real here. Let's go forward into something new. Let's learn. Let's shed the old leaves and emerge better for it, as we grow UP.

Deep thoughts. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend - let's get to shedding!

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