Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Warrior Odyssey - A Tony Alva Mural

I'm real late to posting about this mural, as I'm usually flying by fast down Washington, but today I took it slow and stopped to appreciate the Warrior Odyssey - a mural done by Robert Vargas depicting skate legend Tony Alva, both now, and back in the early Dogtown and Z-Boys days.

Alva was always one of my favorites, so it's cool to see him being honored in such a big and long-lasting way there on the side of The Kinney hotel on Washington near Abbot Kinney. I'm of the mindset that all buildings - in Venice, for sure - should have big, beautiful art works on them, especially when it portrays something or someone that or who has been an awesome part of the area's history.

Love it.

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