Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spring Bulldozing!

There are different signs of Spring in Venice than there are in the rest of the country. Sure, there are the spring showers (God willing) and the resulting flower blossoms, there are the sudden influx of tourists on their Spring Breaks, people are wearing less clothes ... but above all, you know it's Springtime in Venice when the bulldozers roll in to get rid of the giant sand dunes built for winter protection - and sand sledding.

They're out there now, creating better views for the Spring and Summer, and letting us all know that the seasons are indeed changing. Another sure sign of Spring is the appearance of on-duty lifeguards, and they're out there right now too.

Ahhhh. Breathe it in, and maybe extend an invitation to your friends in Minnesota, New York, etc, to visit. They are all absolutely OVER Winter, as they look out their windows today to evermore snow. I'm kind of jealous, but then I had a glorious beach walk, and found that my grass was literally greener, and I got right over it. Spring is awesome, whatever the weather, wherever you are. Enjoy!

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