Friday, April 20, 2018

Venice Lights Up For 4/20!

Venice woke up to a new addition to the Venice Sign this morning, with two weed leaves (created by metal artist Alberto Bevacqua and his son, Ara) adorning either side, in honor of 4/20, and the end of the ridiculous marijuana prohibition that this country has endured for ages. It's pretty much 4/20 every day in Venice, but it's still nice to acknowledge the day this year, especially now that it's legal (here).

And it should be. It's medicine. Plain and simple. I remember asking a friend if they ever thought they smoked too much weed, and they said, "No. It helps me not want to kill myself and everyone around me." While that's an extreme example, some days I sure get it. A person posted on Nextdoor this morning that they were "overly offended" by the new sign's leaves, and to that I would agree. You ARE overly offended, and probably shouldn't live in Venice either. It's really no big deal, and I'd much rather have kids see that than alcohol ads. No one does anything bad on marijuana (other than perhaps overeat with munchies), and we all know all the damage that alcohol has done historically. I've also never heard of alcohol ending children having seizures. Or shrinking tumors. Or bringing comfort to chemo patients. Etc. Etc. Etc. Please.

The sign probably looks much cooler lit up at night, but I'm not going to be down there tonight, and it's to celebrate today. I was heading back when I saw these two cheery guys strolling down the street in their "Best Buds" shirts, and they were SO excited when I told them to go take their picture under the sign with matching leaves. Cute.

We used to have a croquet tournament on this day every year in memory of our dearly beloved Sponto, but now people are all over the place and it's hard to set up, but the spirit remains, and today is sunny and beautiful and Friday, and time to cut loose with some extra good vibes. So, HAPPY 4/20 to one and all, and YOOOOOOOEEEEEEE SPONTO!!! This one's for you.

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