Friday, April 6, 2018

Please Play!

Well, Happy Weekend! It feels like we all really need this one, right? Walking along and thinking about what I'm going to get into this weekend, I took a turn down Marco Place and saw a whole bunch of little chalk messages left over from Easter, and a hopscotch type game going all the way down the sidewalk. The very first one said, "Please Play!" next to a heart with "Love" inside of it. I'm going to take these sweet little kids' advice and play and love for sure this weekend.

As you go along, you can see that the kids were trying to write a nice message to everyone along the way. One house got the "You have a cute dog" message ...

Another lucky house got told that they were liked and nice ...

It's kind of hard to make out what several of them said, but the effort remains adorable and who doesn't like a kind compliment every now and again?

These kids know. They can think of something nice to say about everyone. We would all do well to emulate the good observations and the positive attitudes of these Venice kids that clearly spent their day making the day of others. And having fun doing it.

Yes ... Please play!!

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