Thursday, April 13, 2017

Adidas No Longer Defining Venice

Special Late Thursday Afternoon Edition:

Well, it took a week, but apparently Adidas is no longer "Defining Venice". They heard the People.

The incredibly insulting sign is now gone, with merely their logo in its place. This is encouraging. This means that we still have the Community here in Venice, and we will still stand up together when something is outrageously wrong. The real deal Venice neighbors came out of the woodwork with their displeasure on this one, spoke up, did something about it, and now it's gone. This has to keep happening, not only here, but in this crazy country right now. Unity creates change. WE create the Venice - and the World - we want to live in.

While we're at it, let's do things about the BIG things, not just signs. Help the homeless, stop the big chains and developers, resist Snapchat and their ilk ... you know. Stuff like that. We can do it. We've proved that Venice isn't "over", and many, many awesome people who have made Venice their beloved home are still here. Solid. 

Good job, Everybody! THANK YOU to everyone who made their voices heard. Don't let up.
Power to the People!


  1. Yay! That's awesome. Now what to do about the d-bags pacing in front of our place, on the phone, all day, talking loudly so everyone can hear about 'hiring this guy for $300,000' or their pitch decks or their NDAs. Ugh

  2. Not a fan of the chains (or the crypto-chains) on AK but is it much different than boutique stores that only 1% can afford? I know not the point of the article but still.... venice is fucked. Those 3 mil + houses next to oak wood. Everything. Fucked. Squidlow.