Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Colorful House

For years there has been a great house on Rialto Avenue that could almost have been Frida and Diego's place. Every wall was painted a different color, every surface spoke of whimsy and fun. I walked by the other morning to find it halfway torn down, and looking so sad.

I never knew the people that lived there, I have no idea why they sold or chose to tear down this great house, but I hope they know it will be missed. I hope the new thing that goes there can rise to their level of unique character, their level of Venice, and not turn it into another terrible, no personality, white square box. Please.

It reminded me of a kids poem called "Me And My Colorful House", by Kimo Duo ...

The entrance to my house is colorful
To greet anyone who comes;
Still grows that willow tree.

Who will come after me, I do not know, 
He will feel sorrowful though -
For those here ... in the past.

To the previous owners ... Thank you for all the years of day brightening! I hope you bring your fun to your next home.

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