Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Postcards From The Edge

I guess I still have Thanksgiving stuck in my craw, because this morning as I took my walk on the beach, I was so overcome with gratitude I had tears in my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful mornings on this Earth, and one sight was lovelier than the next.

It felt pretty selfish to have all this all to myself, so I thought you might like to join me on my heart-swelling stroll. Blue skies and bright sunshine accompanied me every step of the way, and the only way you knew it was December was the big sand berms built for the winter swells.

Surfers were out in droves this morning on the glassy water, and every wave was a party wave.

 I've always thought it was weird that surfers and skaters had the rep of being slackers and ne'er do wells, when those guys and girls are the early birds, out there getting it before most worker drones have even gotten out of bed.

The graffiti walls were brightly painted, and where one side looked like a glazed-out Jesus watching the surfers ...

... the other side proclaimed that He rocks. On a day this gorgeous, it would be hard to disagree.

As I felt so much love inside for Venice as I walked around, it was reflected back at me everywhere I went. The ocean air, the palm trees, the colorful characters, past and present, (as I definitely felt the presence of some Venice ghosts this morning ... Bobby Brown - The World's Greatest Wino, Dr. Geek the rapper, and Dr. John the activist were all on my mind and profoundly felt), friends waving as you pass by, all the art, waves, the Skatepark, the mom and pop stores hanging in there ... I love it all so much. And I'll fight to keep it a place "Where the weather is warm, and the people are cool". And I'm not alone.

Heading back home in a hurry - as I'd spent a little too much time in reflection and appreciation mode - I got one more affirmation peeking through the trees.

I hope you've enjoyed your postcards from the Western edge even a fraction as much as I enjoyed living it in the moment.

We love you, Venice!

*It's now later in the afternoon. There was just another mass shooting in America, this time in California. After reading absolutely insane comments from people in other parts of the country about it all online, I want to add how EXTRA grateful I am to live in the Venice bubble. Where people tend to talk reasonably, be informed, keep an open mind, and practice tolerance and love with everyone from all walks of life. At least in my world. THANK YOU!

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