Thursday, December 3, 2015

Peace Robot

The world seems to be in so much turmoil right now, you almost can't bear it. But good must prevail. And always does. I was thinking about it all this morning when I walked by this sculpture on Abbot Kinney that made me smile, and concentrate on PEACE. I dubbed him the Peace Robot.

I posted the following on my Facebook page this morning after this walk, and it's exactly how I feel.

OK ... so if you read my Blogtown story yesterday you know I started the day super stoked and extra grateful. I wound up the day angry and in tears, and being kind of mean to people. Because of guns.
The main argument for guns I hear is "I need to protect my family from intruders". I don't think any of the people making that claim has ever had an intruder. I have. I had a stalker for years. YEARS. I woke up one morning with a man standing at the end of my bed...He would stake out and smoke cigarettes outside my window and we'd find piles of butts outside in the morning. We never found out for sure who it was, and I moved away. Yet, wiht all that, I have NEVER given in to fear, even though I'd have a great excuse. I have more of a leg to stand on than most when it comes to being concerned about intruders, and I'd NEVER own a gun. In fact, a guy I was seeing during all of that told me I needed a gun, and I instantly thought less of him. Guns are not - and never will be - the answer. I don't think someone deserves to die because they have mental problems and a thing for me. They just need help. As do all these nutjobs (almost always freaky white men). They need HELP, not guns, because then everyone loses.
Everyone knows how I feel about it, so I've had way more than enough of all the nasty comments, fighting, ignorance, and negativity. I'm going to do my very best during these holiday times (that are supposed to be about love and peace and joy and community) to only talk about those things. You can come here for a Pollyanna page, because that's who I want to be. I don't want to end another day feeling like I did last night about our whole world. I want to believe in good. I want to BE good. I'd like to think everyone does, even if deep down. Because then everyone wins.
One Love.

Good WILL prevail.

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