Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another L.A. Christmas!

If you've ever spent Christmas in Los Angeles, you know what it's like. Kind of weird. Usually bright and sunny, with people sweating in the scarves and sweaters that they want to wear to feel wintery, but don't really need. The streets empty out and it becomes a ghost town. The beach is nearly empty, because even though it's warm enough, it doesn't really feel right, especially if you grew up being used to a White Christmas.

Matt Ellis has a new single out now that portrays just exactly what that L.A. Christmas feels like in "Another L.A. Christmas". Even if you did grow up here, I've been told, it's still a little weird because it doesn't look like all the other Christmases on t.v. But there's still something great about it. Feeling like you have the whole city to yourself, and sharing it with the ones you love (that are still in town) creates a special bond, because you're here, alone together.

Aussie Ellis finally made it back home for Christmas last year, but while I'm freezing (and loving it) in Minnesota this year, I'll be thinking of him and his back here in Venice  ... singing this very song.

"Another L.A. Christmas" is now available everywhere on Itunes.

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