Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Sunset

California has really been putting on a show lately with its nightly Sunset Spectacular. We've literally been meeting at the windows of my office at sunset time each evening to catch the free (and gorgeous) entertainment.

Sunsets (And sunrises. And full moons. And stars. And Winter. And Summer. And Spring. And Autumn ... you get it.) always make me wax poetic, or else think of poems by others that I love. Like this one, by Fred Babbin ...

December Sunset

The pink-blue sky
With the grey-blue buildings
And windows all in pink
With the jet streams flying
The pink becomes blue, 
Becomes grey, 
While our eye forms abstract designs
In the cold.
And the charcoal streets
With their white-blue lamps
To cancel out
The God-given darkness.
And finally, to the stillness of the night
We close our eyes
And dream of other worlds.

... And dream of other (better) worlds. Yes.

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