Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kook House

Driving down California Avenue last night, heading home from work, I have to say, I kind of enjoyed this bit of graffiti. It let me know that someone out there feels exactly the same way I do.

Now, I'm not saying that I endorse vandalism, but in this case ... I think they were asking for it. This monstrosity is located at the corner of California and 7th Avenue, directly across from Oakwood Park. It's a bit "In your face", Have Nots.

To come in and build something like this, smack dab in what has long been one of the lowest income areas of Venice, is such a level of unawareness and disrespect for a community, it's really pretty mind boggling - and concrete and grey and lifeless. Wherever you choose to live, you need to be mindful of where you are, and what it was like before you.

The ideal would be that someone would come in that cares about the neighborhood and either restores what was there or builds something that fits in with the tradition of our bohemian beach community. Of course they don't have to ... you'd just think they'd WANT to. Because now you've already estranged yourself from your community, everyone (besides maybe people on your payroll) thinks you're douchebags before you even move in, and a big corner of Venice is (for now) the most obnoxious eyesore in town. Good job, Kook House.

*Addendum - as it's there, and not likely to be torn down to build bungalows for affordable housing, maybe brighten it up with a mural done by the kids at the park across the street or something ... something to show they're trying to fit into the community. Just a thought.


  1. Hello - this is the place I bought.... a little history for everyone who thinks its funny. I bought into the area thinking its a good neighborhood. Everyone seems friendly - the whole "most fashionable street in america" means fuck all to me - I actually live in the desert. so this is a second home - I'm in the process of taking the concrete block down - hedges, people decorating the walls on the outside to make it less grey - what I have to tell you though is someone writing something on your wall, whether you're a dick, or a fake surfer or not, is in the same vein of the type of in-acceptance that has plagued this country in the past - honestly I had nothing to do with the people who designed this building, or the people who failed to reject it via planning - but its happening people - so accept it, and hope you get neighbors who give enough of a shit to try and make it fit in with what already exists and then become part of the community - because what we're talking about is not the negativity of taking the time to spray someone else's wall, but using your time to be a positive force wherever you decide to live and use your time wisely.

  2. Who do you think vandalized the house? a) venice hipsters, part of the problem, pushing out the low income residents b) Venice Shoreline, a dangerous criminal element known to frequent the park next door c) a working class venice resident that's been living in the area for the last 50 years.

    Ultimately, it does not mater, this article is hypocritical. You want to have your cake and eat it too. You want to be able to have the freedom to own property and do what you want with it and yet you advocate vandalism b/c you don't think the property's been developed in good taste.

  3. Respectfully, it isn't hypocritical. I have exactly no attachment to ownership of anything, and if I did own property, you can be absolutely sure I'd be respectful of Venice and all that came before me. No question. Nor did I advocate vandalism, I straight said I don't endorse it, but understand it. Everyone is frustrated with what's happening, and it doesn''t have to be like this. It's all about respect.

  4. The other day saw 'CRIPS' in blue sprayed across the front of a brand new McMansion on Brooks Ave, right off Lincoln Blvd.

    It was a hilarious sight. These yuppies have zero idea of 1. Who they are dealing with, and 2. just how bad they are affecting the community. Its funny and sad at the same time.